A Message From the President

The year 2015 presents a challenge to all members of the Steelworkers’ Archives. We are only as strong as our membership allows. I challenge you to answer this question. “What can I do to help the SWA move forward in our relentless goal to ‘preserve the legacy of steelworkers?’” Like busy bees, we are always looking for help. We need worker bees. Can you help us? 

The following individuals were recently elected officers of the SWA for a two (2) year term: President, Frank A. Behum Sr.; Vice President, Earl Kurtz; Recording Secretary, Jill Schennum; Treasurer, Mark Cassano. Joshua Daly, Joe Mayer, and Carson Reinhard were made Trustees. Good luck to all of them in all endeavors on our behalf.

“Thank you” Dennis Pearson; Ken Ziegenfuss, Jr.; Mary Fernandes; Mike Pron; and Rick Walck, former Officers or Trustees, for your dedicated service to the Archives!

Our #1 priority remains obtaining interviews with steelworkers and their families, which also include office, Research Labs, and railroad staff. To schedule an interview, call our office at 610-861-0600 or send an email here

We must prioritize our activities in order to best accomplish them. This year, 2015, I expect will produce excellent results and establish the Steelworkers’ Archives as one of the premier nonprofit organizations in the Lehigh Valley.

- Frank A. Behum, Sr. President