Presidents Report on the Blast Furnace Last Cast Event

The Steelworkers Archives program held at the Frank Banko Theatre in the Artsquest Main Building on December 15, 2015 was a resounding success. In excess of 200 people jammed the Red Theatre. 

The men and women who participated were as astounded as I was by the outpouring of community support. I’m hoping that no archive members were turned away as 135 people were unable to get in due to fire restrictions related to maximum capacity.

As your President I am currently working to have a 2nd showing of this Last Cast Film. Please check this website for more information. The actual show lasted one hour and 10 minutes and was comprised of several sections. Introduction of participants, still photos, a blast furnace employee ( Donna Kucsan ) dressed in a silver suit, the showing of the  “ Last Cast Trailer “, and the only known video of the last cast of “ C “ furnace on November 18, 1995.

The show closed by a question and answer session of all participating steelworkers and a short speech by Eddie O’brien former Assistant Director of District #10, United Steelworkers of America and former Blast Furnace employee. You could feel the love in that room and many “tough guys” had tears in their eyes. 

To all who made this a success, I thank you. Joe Straub, Jill Schennum, Susan Vitez, Ed Leskin, Scott and Melissa Krycia. We thank the Morning Call Newspapers for providing advertisement.


It was my honor to present this show as the goal of the Steelworkers’ Archives was and will always remain telling the “Real Story”.  Thank You for attending. Follow this website for upcoming events

“Preserving the legacy of Steelworkers”

We thank Stephen Kucsan and Donna Kucsan for donating the video of the last cast 11/18/1995.