Packer Memorial Church - August 19th at 9:30AM

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Packer Memorial Church - August 19th at 9:30AM


Steeples & Steel Tour
Packer Memorial Church
August 19th at 9:30AM

Tour $20 per person / Lunch included

Leave from St. John’s Windish Lutheran Church
617 E. Fourth Street, Bethlehem, PA

Join us for our third year of the “Steeples and Steel” mini-bus tours. These tours provide historic interpretation of work at the Bethlehem Steel mill, the South Side Bethlehem churches, and the connections between steelworkers, their churches, and the South Side’s ethnic communities during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The initial one-hour section of the tour, guided by a representative from the South Bethlehem Historical Society, will tour steelworker churches on Bethlehem’s South Side (entering one church on each tour). A one-hour steelworker-guided tour of the Bethlehem Steel plant site follows. A “steelworker’s overtime” bag lunch is provided to tour participants for take-out or to eat at St. John’s Windish Lutheran Church’s Kaiser Auditorium. 

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