An overwhelming legacy remains.

After 122 years of steelmaking and the employment of up to 165,000 people in 1957, the once mighty No. 2 U.S. Steelmaker, Bethlehem Steel, made its last cast in Bethlehem on November 18, 1995.

Whether through work, family or friends, by its bounty or its decline, everyone in the Lehigh Valley was touched by the Steel.

The Steelworkers' Archives was formed in 2001 to ensure that the legacy of the Steelworkers is preserved.

The goal of the Steelworkers' Archives is to create a permanent community center in Southside Bethlehem for the preservation of the history of steelworkers, their rich heritage and diverse cultures, their struggles and accomplishments.

The Archives collect and safeguard artifacts and memorabilia, documenting the extraordinary lives of the men and women who toiled to create steel. Video and audio recordings of Steelworkers are ongoing.

In addition to viewing the collections, visitors will be able to search genealogical records and learn about family members who worked at the Steel.