George Cope

“Gives ya a sad feeling things aren’t gonna be any better 'cause it’s just like somebody dying, like a company that’s dying you know. Just going out of business. You could see there is not a future for anybody coming in. So it sort of made you feel a little bad about it. That these kids that come out of school don’t have a place to go to work and make a decent living. Sort of gives you a bad feeling the way everything went. The thing is, it’s a good thing it’s (the museum) coming in. But I would rather see a steel company rather than a museum cause I know what the place looked like. I don’t know how it’s going to work out that they will probably get a lot of people coming in interested in it because it was an interesting place to work. All the different things that went on down there. The way things happened. The way the ingot came out.”